Kristin + Caleb | 10.19.13

My last out of town wedding in 2013 took place in Sioux Falls with the lovely Kristin + Caleb. It was one of the last beautiful fall weekends us midwesterners had with the amazing fall colors, and the trees still in perfect bloom. Kristin planned a stunning day and I am honored to share some of my favorites of the wonderful couple as well as their wonderful friends that stood up beside them on the special occasion!! Kristin + Caleb are just another great addition to my amazing fall weddings, so I hope you enjoy the photos featured today!! 2014-01-10_00252014-01-10_00262014-01-10_00012014-01-10_00022014-01-10_00032014-01-10_00042014-01-10_00052014-01-10_00062014-01-10_00072014-01-10_00082014-01-10_00092014-01-10_00102014-01-10_00112014-01-10_00122014-01-10_00132014-01-10_00142014-01-10_00152014-01-10_00162014-01-10_00182014-01-10_00192014-01-10_00272014-01-10_00302014-01-10_00312014-01-10_00332014-01-10_00342014-01-10_00352014-01-10_00372014-01-10_00362014-01-10_00412014-01-10_00402014-01-10_00202014-01-10_00212014-01-10_00222014-01-10_00232014-01-10_0024

2013 Highlights

How in the WORLD do I put 2013 into words?! From being laid off from my full-time position in February, to being able to go full-time with my photography business, it’s been quite the journey. I am unbelievably thankful for all the beautiful people and moments I was able to be part of and capture, and I can’t imagine what the last year would have been without all of you!! THANK YOU for the joy you bring me in being able to capture your weddings, engagements, families and babies…I’ve learned this year that there are so many opportunities to celebrate life and how great it is to have those amazing moments captured. God is good, and I cannot WAIT for 2014…for all I will learn, for how I will grow, and for all the amazing people I will get to work with!! Enjoy reliving this last year with me…it was one heck of a year and I so look forward to what 2014 will bring!! IMG_0746IMG_2151IMG_4909IMG_9597IMG_9830IMG_4993IMG_1673IMG_1700 2IMG_1709IMG_5624 2IMG_6859IMG_7054IMG_0986IMG_6152IMG_4992IMG_4063 2IMG_5281IMG_5458IMG_6570IMG_9156IMG_6528IMG_6205IMG_5612IMG_0280IMG_1229IMG_4507IMG_5107IMG_8588IMG_0386IMG_9160IMG_5834IMG_2049IMG_9979IMG_0984IMG_1318IMG_7210 4.24.29 PMIMG_7547IMG_7507IMG_2160IMG_4140IMG_3506IMG_3529IMG_0384IMG_1428IMG_9924IMG_2110IMG_7639IMG_1034IMG_6792IMG_7057IMG_4759IMG_7166IMG_7426IMG_0479 20-23-52-272IMG_8224IMG_6426

A Birth Story: Parker Richard Moon

So before you view the photos, let me open with a quote from Jim Gaffigan saying…”My sister had her baby at home…just to make you feel uncomfortable…” (insert sarcasm, then go watch Jim Gaffigan’s Mr. Universe…really great) I’ll be the first to say that when my sister first told me that she wanted to do a home birth, I was kinda like, “Whaaaat?!” Then when she asked me to be there with her and to bring my camera with, I was like, “WHAAAAT?!” However, we’re pretty close, and over the next couple of months, Linds and I spoke so often that I really felt like I knew what to anticipate, really respected her decision to deliver at home, and was more than anything looking forward to walking through it with her and her husband…especially as our mom is no longer with us to be in that role, I felt incredibly honored that she would want me to be there with them.

So. Let’s fast forward to December 17th 4:30am, waking up to a text that Linds is starting to go into labor. I INSTANTLY get a flight out first thing at 8am and THANK THE LORD, I made it in time. I cannot tell you the peace that filled me up as soon as I walked inside their apartment and got to see my sister. I’ve been here a hundred times, and like I said I thought I had an idea of what to anticipate, but gosh…this home birth thing…it was truly amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a more peaceful setting, and I truly don’t think I’ve ever witnessed something or someone so amazing and beautiful! The candles were lit, the fire was going and Linds was just doin’ her thang. She labored all through the night, the morning when I arrived, and into the late afternoon. Brian, the midwife, her assistant and doula were unbelievable, and I couldn’t believe how calm everyone was, especially my sister. It was all so serene, and the whole time I couldn’t help but feel so thankful to be there and walk through this huge life change with her. She was unbelievable.

Okay, trying to make a long but amazing story short, Lindsey’s midwife made the decision to transfer her to the hospital because she feared the baby could be in distress due to meconium present in the amniotic fluid and the baby’s heart rate significantly decelerated. Praise the Lord he was born within minutes of arriving to the hospital and she was still able to deliver her babe naturally without interventions (amazing, right?!) but just needed the little extra push! Parker Richard Moon was born 9 lbs 4 ounces 22 1/4 inches. Whhhhat?! And my friends, he is just the sweetest little gift, and there are no words to describe the miracle of a day it was to watch and walk alongside my sister as she brought him into this world. From the home laboring to the hospital, it was all just…beautiful.

I hope you are able to experience a bit of the peace through the following photos. This day was one of the most beautiful, amazing, incredible (maybe just a little terrifying?!) days ever, and I’m honored to be able to share a couple of photos from the day I continued my role as COOLEST AUNT EVER :)

IMG_7993IMG_7849 IMG_7804IMG_7914IMG_8090IMG_7847IMG_8032IMG_8074IMG_8164IMG_8185IMG_8224

Stacy + Jay | Engaged

Now this couple is very near and dear to my heart, because Stacy is my best friends sister, and Jay is a good friend of mine from college…so I’ve been able to see their relationship blossom from the very beginning! Both of them have hearts for serving and missions, which became an instant connection right from the get-go…so as soon as my girl Jennifer introduced them, the rest is pretty much history! It was so much fun spending time with them during their engagement session, at one of my absolutely favorite spots in the cities. I couldn’t be more thankful to AGAIN have the opportunity to photograph such a great couple, and I especially can’t wait to be part of their celebration next July!! 2013-12-16_00022013-12-16_00012013-12-16_00032013-12-16_00042013-12-16_00052013-12-16_00062013-12-16_00072013-12-16_00082013-12-16_00092013-12-16_00102013-12-16_00112013-12-16_00122013-12-16_00132013-12-16_00152013-12-16_00172013-12-16_00182013-12-16_00192013-12-16_00202013-12-16_00222013-12-16_00212013-12-16_00232013-12-16_00242013-12-16_00252013-12-16_00262013-12-16_00282013-12-16_00292013-12-16_00302013-12-16_00312013-12-16_00322013-12-16_00332013-12-16_00342013-12-16_00352013-12-16_0036

Tonia + Matt | 10.13.13

A pretty consistent theme for me this for fall weddings was travel. Well, I can now cross Evergreen, CO (an extremely beautiful mountain town) off my list of places to go to! You might remember Tonia and Matt’s engagement session here, (but if you don’t, stop reading and go look at it, because they are some of the greatest!!) and I couldn’t wait to go back out there in October and capture their big day. Something I’ve realized this wedding season is that actually spending TIME with the couples beyond the day of their wedding is so so incredible. I can’t say how thankful I am for the opportunities to not only get to know the couple, but the family and friends that really have made the couple who they are and support them in life. I flew into Denver the day before the wedding, and made it to the rehearsal dinner where friend after friend, family member after family member, shared stories, words of encouragement and affirmation for Tonia and Matt as they were preparing to get married. It was such an amazing dinner to witness and instilled an honor in me to be photographing this special and significant day in their life. Tonia and Matt have passion for life, for each other and for serving the Lord. They radiate joy and I just couldn’t be more excited to share a little bit of that with you in these photos of my beautiful friends!!

Ali + Chris | 10.11.13

Now, we all know Minneapolis is one of the greatest cities in America (shout out to my brother-in-law Brian Moon)…but Ali and Chris made it extra wonderful on the day of their wedding this last October. They couldn’t have planned a more perfect day, with a bridal party full of their amazing friends and family, and all of it at the beautiful Mill City Museum in the heart of Minneapolis. I feel like I said so often this year that being the photographer, though a lot of times you’re behind the scenes, you’re actually the luckiest person to experience the day, because you get to be there for it all, and see it all. It’s such a joy to be there when the bride is getting ready, when they first see each other, to witness the ceremony, and of course…celebrate with them at the reception. Ali and Chris’ day was exceptionally beautiful in every way, and it was such an honor to witness and capture their love for one another. So grab your kleenex and prepare to swoon, because this is one of the most beautiful weddings there’s ever been!

Christina + Mark | Engaged

When I first met with Mark and Christina in August, we started planning for not only their wedding, but their engagement session as well. We started talking about timing, location…any kind of personal items they might want to include, and I remember they looked at each other and looked at me and said, “We love canoeing.” And my heart exploded and was smiling ear to ear, because I have ALWAYS wanted to photograph a couple on a canoe…and let me tell you, Mark and Christina set the bar high for my first time out on the water with them! We ventured around Lake Harriet and then made our way to the water, where…it was magical. I am so excited to share these two with you today, but most of, I cannot wait to celebrate with them at their wedding next June! Here’s to a a beautiful couple, a beautiful canoe, and one heck of a session…Mark and Christina!2013-11-21_00032013-11-21_00042013-11-21_00052013-11-21_00062013-11-21_00082013-11-21_00072013-11-21_00092013-11-21_00122013-11-21_00132013-11-21_00142013-11-21_00162013-11-21_00172013-11-21_00192013-11-21_00482013-11-21_00212013-11-21_00222013-11-21_00232013-11-21_00242013-11-21_00252013-11-21_00262013-11-21_00272013-11-21_00282013-11-21_00292013-11-21_00302013-11-21_00312013-11-21_00352013-11-21_00362013-11-21_00382013-11-21_00392013-11-21_00412013-11-21_00422013-11-21_00472013-11-21_00432013-11-21_00442013-11-21_0045

Ashley + Brian | Engaged

On cold and gloomy days like today, I love reminiscing and re-living beautiful weather, beautiful couples and beautiful sessions (see a pattern here?) like Ashley and Brian! We found ourselves down at St. Anthony Main, and had a blast walking through the parks, streets and alleyways of this wonderful Minneapolis hot spot. It was so fun getting to know them and their story a bit more as we wandered around, snapping photos and just enjoying the evening as we all anticipate their wedding this next June! I can’t wait to be part of their day, as it has been in the making for about eight years!! So here’s to you, Ashley and Brian…I so look forward to celebrating with you both in just a couple of months!! 2013-11-20_00012013-11-20_00022013-11-20_00032013-11-20_00042013-11-20_00052013-11-20_00062013-11-20_00072013-11-20_00082013-11-20_00092013-11-20_00112013-11-20_00122013-11-20_00142013-11-20_00152013-11-20_00162013-11-20_00182013-11-20_00192013-11-20_00202013-11-20_00212013-11-20_00222013-11-20_00232013-11-20_00242013-11-20_00252013-11-20_00262013-11-20_00282013-11-20_00292013-11-20_00302013-11-20_00312013-11-20_0032

Kara + Nate | Engaged

It was a beautiful fall night that I met Kara and Nate over at Aamodt’s Apple Farm in Stillwater. It’s such a great location, and what makes this place even better is that St. Croix Vineyards is right next door…so we obviously prepared accordingly and brought along a little blanket and basket (and of course of bottle of wine!) and took in the scenery! We had a great time venturing around, and I couldn’t have asked for better company! I’m so looking forward to their wedding next August! Here’s to another great engagement session with a great couple!! Cheers! 2013-11-19_00012013-11-19_00022013-11-19_00032013-11-19_00042013-11-19_00052013-11-19_00062013-11-19_00072013-11-19_00082013-11-19_00092013-11-19_00102013-11-19_00112013-11-19_00122013-11-19_00132013-11-19_00142013-11-19_00152013-11-19_00162013-11-19_00172013-11-19_00182013-11-19_00202013-11-19_00212013-11-19_00222013-11-19_00232013-11-19_00242013-11-19_00252013-11-19_00262013-11-19_00272013-11-19_00282013-11-19_00292013-11-19_00312013-11-19_00322013-11-19_00332013-11-19_00352013-11-19_00372013-11-19_00382013-11-19_00362013-11-19_00432013-11-19_00442013-11-19_00462013-11-19_0047

Zoe + Cody | 9.11.13

Well folks, here it is. A true dream of a wedding, and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you all this morning! You may have seen my post from yesterday here, but just in case for you newcomers, know that I have been anticipating Zoe and Cody’s wedding for a year now! They live in Truckee, CA and made their way to Kirkwood for their incredibly beautiful Tahoe wedding. I was thrilled when Zoe asked me to join their family and friends for their midweek wedding at a beautiful lodge called The Hideout…and needless to say, had a BLAST spending time and getting to know them all before the big day. If I could wake up here every day, drink my coffee on the deck with a view of the lake…twist my arm, I’d do it in a heartbeat. It was absolutely breathtaking, and an amazing setting for a wedding celebration. Not to mention, Zoe and Cody’s vision for the wedding couldn’t have been planned more perfectly. The colors, the dresses, the flowers, the centerpieces, the setting (lake, lodge, saloon–bummer right??) and most of all, the bride and groom themselves! Okay, so much for blabbing here…PLEASE, go and enjoy these photos and relive this beautiful day with me!!2013-11-14_00762013-11-14_00952013-11-14_00922013-11-14_00782013-11-14_00992013-11-14_01012013-11-14_01002013-11-14_00792013-11-14_00812013-11-14_00822013-11-14_01232013-11-14_00842013-11-14_00862013-11-14_01212013-11-14_00882013-11-14_00982013-11-14_00872013-11-14_00972013-11-14_00902013-11-14_01052013-11-14_01062013-11-14_01082013-11-14_01072013-11-14_01032013-11-14_01022013-11-14_01042013-11-14_01092013-11-14_01102013-11-14_01132013-11-14_01122013-11-14_01152013-11-14_01162013-11-14_01172013-11-14_01182013-11-11_00012013-11-14_00012013-11-14_00022013-11-14_00032013-11-14_00052013-11-14_00062013-11-14_00072013-11-14_00082013-11-14_00092013-11-14_00102013-11-14_00112013-11-14_00122013-11-14_00142013-11-14_00152013-11-14_00172013-11-14_00192013-11-14_00202013-11-14_00212013-11-14_00222013-11-14_00232013-11-14_00242013-11-14_00252013-11-14_00852013-11-14_00272013-11-14_00282013-11-14_00292013-11-14_00312013-11-14_00302013-11-14_00322013-11-14_00332013-11-14_00342013-11-14_00352013-11-14_00362013-11-14_00372013-11-14_00382013-11-14_00412013-11-14_00422013-11-14_00432013-11-14_00442013-11-14_00452013-11-14_00462013-11-14_00472013-11-14_00492013-11-14_00482013-11-14_00502013-11-14_00512013-11-14_00522013-11-14_00532013-11-14_00552013-11-14_01242013-11-14_00572013-11-14_00582013-11-14_00592013-11-14_00602013-11-14_00612013-11-14_00622013-11-14_00632013-11-14_00642013-11-14_00652013-11-14_00682013-11-14_00672013-11-14_00702013-11-14_00692013-11-14_00722013-11-14_0071