Angie + Scott | Engaged

As you’ve probably heard me say over and over again, one of my absolute favorite parts of my job is photographing people who I love and know well, and I am so happy to share Angie and her fiancé Scott with you today. Ang and I go way back to when I was beginning highschool…she was my small group leader at church and needless to say played a significant role in my life for several important years! She introduced me to Bethel, and always encouraged me in wherever I was in life…and still does to this day! I can’t say how thankful I am that we have kept in touch over the years and now I get to be part of such a significant time in HER life as she gets married!! We got a beautiful day to take photos and I cannot wait to kickstart my wedding season at the end of this month with their big day in St. Paul!!

Laurel + Jared | Engaged

Continuing with the strong kick of winter engagement sessions, Laurel and Jared are another fabulous couple to add to the list!! I met the two in Owatonna on what may have been one of the colder days this winter (a high of 5 maybe?!) but they were absolute troopers and we had a blast! We made our first stop downtown, and then headed out to the country to his parents land, where they are building a new home and until it’s finished are living in the cutest log cabin. We made the most of the cold and built a fire, roasted some mallows and tried to get as cozy as possible with a few blankets!! Thank you so much for spending a couple of hours with me Laurel and Jared! It was so fun to get to know you guys in your natural space and I seriously can’t wait until your wedding this August!!! Now cozy up, and enjoy these wonderful photos!!

Katie + Nate | Engagement

What you folks are about to see…is pure joy, laughter and crazy love. I met Katie through my best friends in college and since then, any time spent with her is consistently full of good convo and belly laughs. Who knew that it would only get crazier when Nate came along?! They are such a blast to spend a couple of hours with, and are truly some of the most goofy and genuinely kind people you will ever encounter. Our time spent taking photos flew, and they were absolute troopers in the knee deep snow! With no surprise you’ll catch a few laughs in the photos and most of all witness how crazy they are about one another!! I couldn’t be more thrilled to share these beautiful photos of my great friends today…and for real…do winter engagement sessions GET any better?! Cheers!2014-02-11_00022014-02-11_00032014-02-11_00272014-02-11_00042014-02-11_00062014-02-11_00072014-02-11_00082014-02-11_00092014-02-11_00102014-02-11_00292014-02-11_00112014-02-11_00322014-02-11_00122014-02-11_00142014-02-11_00162014-02-11_00152014-02-11_00172014-02-11_00182014-02-11_00192014-02-11_00202014-02-11_00282014-02-11_00212014-02-11_00222014-02-11_00232014-02-11_00242014-02-11_00252014-02-11_00262014-02-11_00312014-02-11_00352014-02-11_00342014-02-11_00372014-02-11_00382014-02-11_00422014-02-11_00402014-02-11_00392014-02-11_00412014-02-11_00442014-02-11_00432014-02-11_00452014-02-11_00482014-02-11_00502014-02-11_00512014-02-11_00522014-02-11_0053

Katie + Liam | 11.17.13

To say that my 2013 weddings were amazing is an understatement, and Katie and Liam’s beautiful day was no exception! Katie and Liam met several summer’s ago while on staff at Camp Friendship in Annandale, MN. Liam was working overseas from Scotland, and by the end of summer’s time…they knew something good was in store for their relationship. Fast forward a few years and the two of them decided to put long distance to rest and get hitched!! November 17th was a beautiful day with their closest friends and family celebrating their commitment to one another. And let me just say…the wedding party had me in stitches and kept me on my toes ALL. DAY. LONG. They were hilarious, charming, energetic and just a plain ‘ol blast. Maybe it was their English accents that got me, but they made my last wedding of the year one to go down as setting the bar HIGH for future bridal parties (no pressure or anything!!)! And the bride and groom were AMAZING too! Just so calm throughout the whole day, and most of all so excited to finally be able to get married and start their new life over in Scotland together! Thank you both so much for allowing me the opportunity to capture your day for you…it was such an honor and I wish you the best in your new life together!

Ashley + Dan | Engaged

Ashley and Dan couldn’t have kicked off my winter engagement sessions more perfectly! I really think there is something so unique and beautiful about winter sessions…with the snow and evergreens there is something about them that sets it apart from summer sessions and I love it!! We had quite the adventure one cozy little Saturday a few weeks back, and I am absolutely THRILLED with the photos we got from the day! Ashley was so lovely and Dan was just the perfect compliment to her. They were a blast to spend a couple of hours with and I am SO excited to be part of their day this coming September! So y’all…we all know we want summer to be here TODAY, but….let’s not forget how beautiful winter is too! Hats off to you Ashley and Dan for getting out and getting some AMAZING photos together in this (semi-cold) beautiful winter weather!!

Jamie + Ashley | Sheer and Chiffon Bloggers

I’m not totally sure where to even start when it comes to sharing how excited I am to share Jamie and Ashley’s photos with you all today!! Jamie and Ashley are BFF’s who are passionate about life, relationships, fashion and blogging. They’re two beautiful girls who started a blog a few years ago, and are in the process of relaunching it now! Jamie contacted me to take photos for them in hopes of gaining some photos that describe them together as besties and would give their followers a good idea of who they are…and my friends…I couldn’t be more thrilled with our results!! We had a BLAST venturing around to Minneapolis hot spots, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t dancing behind the camera while snapping away at these two beauties! It was just another reminder that there are so many things in life to celebrate…especially friendships and the joy found in them! Try NOT smiling while looking through the following photos, and most of all check out their blog here!!

Abby + Will | 11.9.13

Ohhhhh man. I just couldn’t be more excited to share my friend Abby’s AMAZING day with you all today! From her dress to the flowers to the amazing vision she put together for her and Will’s day…I’m thankful that pictures are worth a thousand words because I am speechless!! It was an absolute honor to capture this day for them, as Abby is one of the sweetest and most joyful gals I know. Her and Will couldn’t have  been more happy to be making such an incredible commitment to one another, and I couldn’t be more thankful to have been the one on the other side of the camera to tell the story of their day!! Congrats Abby + Will, and THANK YOU for allowing me to be part of this day with you both!!

Kim + Jeff | 10.25.13

If you’ve never been to the Historic Courthouse in Stillwater, it’s a definite must-see! Kim + Jeff’s day was beautifully thought out and was absolutely stunning. Kim found her dress at a vintage dress shop, and was able to customize and transform it into her dream dress…which as you will see turned out amazing, and Kim was a vision in it! It was an honor to capture the two of them together in such a beautiful location, and I’m so excited to share their celebration with y’all today!2014-01-12_00012014-01-12_00022014-01-13_00792014-01-12_00032014-01-13_00012014-01-13_00032014-01-13_00042014-01-13_00052014-01-13_00072014-01-13_00082014-01-13_00102014-01-13_00092014-01-13_00112014-01-13_00122014-01-13_00132014-01-13_00142014-01-13_00152014-01-13_00162014-01-13_00172014-01-13_00182014-01-13_00192014-01-13_00202014-01-13_00212014-01-13_00232014-01-13_00242014-01-13_00252014-01-13_00262014-01-13_00272014-01-13_00282014-01-13_00292014-01-13_00302014-01-13_00322014-01-13_00312014-01-13_00332014-01-13_00342014-01-13_00352014-01-13_00362014-01-13_00372014-01-13_00382014-01-13_00392014-01-13_00402014-01-13_00422014-01-13_00442014-01-13_00452014-01-13_00462014-01-13_00812014-01-13_00502014-01-13_00512014-01-13_00522014-01-13_00532014-01-13_00552014-01-13_00582014-01-13_00592014-01-13_00602014-01-13_00572014-01-13_00612014-01-13_00622014-01-13_00632014-01-13_00652014-01-13_00662014-01-13_00672014-01-13_00682014-01-13_00702014-01-13_00722014-01-13_00732014-01-13_00742014-01-13_00762014-01-13_00752014-01-13_00772014-01-13_0078

Kristin + Caleb | 10.19.13

My last out of town wedding in 2013 took place in Sioux Falls with the lovely Kristin + Caleb. It was one of the last beautiful fall weekends us midwesterners had with the amazing fall colors, and the trees still in perfect bloom. Kristin planned a stunning day and I am honored to share some of my favorites of the wonderful couple as well as their wonderful friends that stood up beside them on the special occasion!! Kristin + Caleb are just another great addition to my amazing fall weddings, so I hope you enjoy the photos featured today!! 2014-01-10_00252014-01-10_00262014-01-10_00012014-01-10_00022014-01-10_00032014-01-10_00042014-01-10_00052014-01-10_00062014-01-10_00072014-01-10_00082014-01-10_00092014-01-10_00102014-01-10_00112014-01-10_00122014-01-10_00132014-01-10_00142014-01-10_00152014-01-10_00162014-01-10_00182014-01-10_00192014-01-10_00272014-01-10_00302014-01-10_00312014-01-10_00332014-01-10_00342014-01-10_00352014-01-10_00372014-01-10_00362014-01-10_00412014-01-10_00402014-01-10_00202014-01-10_00212014-01-10_00222014-01-10_00232014-01-10_0024

2013 Highlights

How in the WORLD do I put 2013 into words?! From being laid off from my full-time position in February, to being able to go full-time with my photography business, it’s been quite the journey. I am unbelievably thankful for all the beautiful people and moments I was able to be part of and capture, and I can’t imagine what the last year would have been without all of you!! THANK YOU for the joy you bring me in being able to capture your weddings, engagements, families and babies…I’ve learned this year that there are so many opportunities to celebrate life and how great it is to have those amazing moments captured. God is good, and I cannot WAIT for 2014…for all I will learn, for how I will grow, and for all the amazing people I will get to work with!! Enjoy reliving this last year with me…it was one heck of a year and I so look forward to what 2014 will bring!! IMG_0746IMG_2151IMG_4909IMG_9597IMG_9830IMG_4993IMG_1673IMG_1700 2IMG_1709IMG_5624 2IMG_6859IMG_7054IMG_0986IMG_6152IMG_4992IMG_4063 2IMG_5281IMG_5458IMG_6570IMG_9156IMG_6528IMG_6205IMG_5612IMG_0280IMG_1229IMG_4507IMG_5107IMG_8588IMG_0386IMG_9160IMG_5834IMG_2049IMG_9979IMG_0984IMG_1318IMG_7210 4.24.29 PMIMG_7547IMG_7507IMG_2160IMG_4140IMG_3506IMG_3529IMG_0384IMG_1428IMG_9924IMG_2110IMG_7639IMG_1034IMG_6792IMG_7057IMG_4759IMG_7166IMG_7426IMG_0479 20-23-52-272IMG_8224IMG_6426