Kara + Nate | 8.9.14

Man oh man. One of my favorite ways of meeting new couples is through good friends. Last summer, I connected with Kara and Nate through my good friend Ryan and I knew that we would have a great time on their wedding day!! Their wedding party, as well as their family and friends, were seriously some of the funnest I’ve shot with all summer!! Kara and Nate are such a sweet couple, and their love for one another was so evident throughout the entire day. Thank you guys SO MUCH for letting me tag along. I had SUCH a great time and I am so SO excited to share your photos today!!

Laurel + Jared | 8.2.14

Oh my GOLD….are the only words that come to mind when describing Laurel + Jared’s STUNNING day. Gold is the new everything, I love it so much, and I’m so glad that Laurel chose that as her main accent color for her wedding day. She did it well too. So classy, and so stunning, I couldn’t get enough!! It was a gorgeous day down in Owatonna with Laurel and Jared, her amazing bridesmaids and their family and friends!! I will let the photos speak for themselves of how great the day was, and once again found myself so thrilled to be able to capture such stunning people and moments!! I love leaving a wedding feeling like you’ve just left a hangout with your besties…Laurel + Jared were awesome and I’m pumped to share this day with y’all!!

Kelsey + Corey | Engaged

As all of us have been trapped indoors this week due to terrible rain, I thought it only appropriate to post an engagement session from this thing we called “summer.” Kelsey and Corey were a blast to hang out with for a bit at one of my favorite parks up in my neighborhood. Seriously, I can’t get enough of it, so I was thrilled when they were up for it! Kelsey is just in the processing of applying to med school and Corey is just finishing his degree in sports management, PLUS planning a wedding, and these two have a pretty crazy life going on between the two of them! I’m SO excited to be part of their day next May down in Rochester, and am thrilled for them and this crazy adventure they are about to dive into! 2014-10-01_00012014-10-01_00022014-10-01_00032014-10-01_00042014-10-01_00052014-10-01_00062014-10-01_00072014-10-01_00092014-10-01_00102014-10-01_00112014-10-01_00122014-10-01_00142014-10-01_00162014-10-01_00152014-10-01_00172014-10-01_00182014-10-01_00192014-10-01_00202014-10-01_00212014-10-01_00222014-10-01_00232014-10-01_00252014-10-01_00262014-10-01_0024

Whitney + Keith | 7.27.14

Alright y’all, here it is!! This is one wedding that is extra special to me as this is my FAMILY!! What an honor to be able to capture such an incredible day for my step-brother Keith and his beautiful bride Whitney. Keith and Whit met three years ago when they were both cast for Survivor: South Pacific in 2011, and the adventure has not slowed down for them a bit as they fell in love, got engaged, married and will now be competing in The Amazing Race which airs this Friday!! Phew! As they are now settled in Nashville, TN it only seemed appropriate for their wedding celebration to take place in the great state, and the whole fam (minus two beloved Kirkbride’s in Arizona who were missed dearly!!) traveled down there for the weekend to celebrate, and who’s lovely faces will grace this post today :) The wedding location at Twin Oaks was absolutely breath-taking, maaaaaaybe a little hot and humid, but an amazingly celebration with these two and their closest friends and family members. Our time together was the best, and I’m so thankful to have had a weekend with all the kids and kiddos together! One thing I know for sure is that I MUST get back to Nashville. And that I MUST shoot more southern weddings. So happy to have been Keith and Whitney’s photographer and am so excited for this new chapter in their life together! Now…enough reading, time for photos!! 2014-09-24_00012014-09-24_00432014-09-24_00032014-09-24_00042014-09-24_00052014-09-24_00062014-09-24_00072014-09-24_00082014-09-24_00092014-09-24_00102014-09-24_00162014-09-24_00152014-09-24_00112014-09-24_00712014-09-24_00182014-09-24_00192014-09-24_00222014-09-24_00232014-09-24_00732014-09-24_00722014-09-24_00262014-09-24_00272014-09-24_00282014-09-24_00292014-09-24_00302014-09-24_00742014-09-24_00322014-09-24_00332014-09-24_00342014-09-24_00352014-09-24_00362014-09-24_00372014-09-24_00382014-09-24_00392014-09-24_00402014-09-24_00412014-09-24_00422014-09-24_00442014-09-24_00452014-09-24_00462014-09-24_00502014-09-24_00482014-09-24_00472014-09-24_00492014-09-24_00512014-09-24_00542014-09-24_00522014-09-24_00532014-09-24_00552014-09-24_00562014-09-24_00572014-09-24_00582014-09-24_00632014-09-24_00642014-09-24_00652014-09-24_00672014-09-24_00662014-09-24_00752014-09-24_00682014-09-24_00692014-09-24_00602014-09-24_00622014-09-24_0061

Stacy + Jay | 7.19.14

It’s not often that I get to see a relationship of the couple I’m photographing from the very beginning, but Stacy + Jay are a total exception. I knew them both separately before they had even heard or met one another…Jay went to Bethel, and Stacy is my best friend Jennifer’s sister. Both with a heart for Jesus and ministry, Jennifer got the idea in her head that the two of them should meet…fast forward a few years later, Facebook messages exchanged, and countries traveled…the two finally met and the rest is history!! There are hardly words to describe how beautiful their day was down in Jordan, Minnesota. The weather was absolutely perfect, and it was such a joy-filled celebration with their closest family and friends. It was essentially a dream to shoot, and I am bursting at the seams for y’all to see the photos of this day! It was completely effortless as Stacy + Jay are completely nuts for each other, making my “job” just about the best thing in the world! From s’mores, to yard games…paper lanterns set off in honor of Stacy’s father, to sparkler’s…this couple had it all and it was an INCREDIBLE honor to be part of this day. Stacy + Jay…you two are awesome and I couldn’t be more excited for you to relive your beautiful day through these photos!! CONGRATS!!!

Val + Travis | 6.28.14

One of my favorite ways of connecting with brides is AT weddings. I met Val and Travis last year at one of the weddings I was shooting for Maija and Hank. Val was Maija’s Maid of Honor and we connected several times throughout the day and I learned a bit about where she lives and how her and Travis got together. Fast forward a few months later, Val and Travis are engaged and we have it in the books that I’m going to be her photographer! SO FUN! What was really fun about Val and Travis is that they live in Chicago, so we always worked it out to meet and take their engagement photos (which you may remember here) down there when I was visiting my sister…which was always so fun to change up the scenery a bit! Okay, here I am going on and on, and I think it’s time to take a look at their wedding day photos! Val and Travis…what a great day to be part of! It was stunning, you were both amazing to be with and I am so excited to share your day. Enjoy reliving your day through these fantastic images!!! Congrats again!


Christina + Mark | 6.21.14

If there was one word I could use to describe Christina and Mark’s wedding day, it would be…enchanted. Like…a true vision. Christina was so elegant, and her and Mark hanging out in the woods together all day was a vision. Their day was so much fun, laid back, and a great celebration with their family and friends. It was so wonderful to spend the day with them, and I am so excited to share their day at Minnetonka Orchards! Thank you both for allowing me to be part of it, and to have me alongside you in such a unique way! I loved every part of it, and wish you nothing but the best in your new life together!!  2014-09-11_00012014-09-11_00022014-09-11_00032014-09-11_00042014-09-11_00052014-09-11_00062014-09-11_00072014-09-11_00082014-09-11_00092014-09-11_00102014-09-11_00112014-09-11_00122014-09-11_00132014-09-11_00142014-09-11_00152014-09-11_00162014-09-11_00172014-09-11_00202014-09-11_00192014-09-11_00182014-09-11_00212014-09-11_00222014-09-11_00232014-09-11_00242014-09-11_00252014-09-11_00262014-09-11_00272014-09-11_00282014-09-11_00292014-09-11_00302014-09-11_00312014-09-11_00322014-09-11_00332014-09-11_00342014-09-11_00352014-09-11_00362014-09-11_00372014-09-11_00382014-09-11_00402014-09-11_00412014-09-11_00422014-09-11_00392014-09-11_00432014-09-11_00442014-09-11_00452014-09-11_00462014-09-11_00482014-09-11_00502014-09-11_00492014-09-11_00472014-09-11_00512014-09-11_00522014-09-11_00532014-09-11_00542014-09-11_00552014-09-11_00592014-09-11_00602014-09-11_00612014-09-11_00622014-09-11_00642014-09-11_00652014-09-11_00692014-09-11_00682014-09-11_00672014-09-11_00662014-09-11_00572014-09-11_00562014-09-11_00712014-09-11_00722014-09-11_00732014-09-11_00742014-09-11_00752014-09-11_00762014-09-11_00782014-09-11_00802014-09-11_0081

Johnson Lifestyle Session

Gosh…nothing is sweeter than welcoming new babies into the family. And nothing is sweeter than being able to witness a family begin to grow and I was so thrilled when my cousin Jake asked me to photograph his and Amanda’s new baby girl Mackenzie. Now, I come from a veerrrry large family. My mom was the oldest of eight…making that 14 aunts and uncles, 21 cousins, and now Mackenzie has become the 6th great-grandbaby to enter into the Anderson clan…and almost everyone lives within a 30 mile radius of each other…can you say crazy?! I love my family beyond words, and not sure who I would be without them, and being part of big life moments like this is nothing but an honor. Jake and Amanda, I am so excited for you guys, and am already loving seeing your life transition as you have welcomed your sweet baby girl into your family! She is…beyond precious and I couldn’t love these photos more!! Enjoy!!


Oh my my, I am so so so so SO excited to share this beauty with you all today. I’ve known Hannah for years now, and gosh, it was so much fun to get out and take some photos for her. Needless to say, it was not the most difficult task to capture the essence of who she is… goofy, amazing heart, loves life, and oh yeah…STYLIN’ AND BEAUTIFUL. And if you know her at all, you know the list goes on. Absolutely loved being your photog, Hannah. You da bomb girl and I love you much!! xxoo2014-08-14_00012014-08-14_00032014-08-14_00022014-08-14_00042014-08-14_00062014-08-14_00082014-08-14_00092014-08-14_00102014-08-14_00112014-08-14_00072014-08-14_00122014-08-14_00142014-08-14_00152014-08-14_00132014-08-14_00162014-08-14_00182014-08-14_00192014-08-14_00202014-08-14_00212014-08-14_00222014-08-14_00232014-08-14_00242014-08-14_00252014-08-14_00262014-08-14_00272014-08-14_00282014-08-14_0029

Steph + Josh | Engaged

Summer engagements are always one of my favorite things because if you know me at all, you know I love all things Minnesota, and I swear these sessions always increase my love for this state. Even though I never think that’s possible…these sessions always prove me wrong! The best time was had with Josh + Steph as we spent time downtown on St. Anthony Main as well as outside the city in one of my favorite parks. I love the different locations and how they represent the place I love most, that ALSO include amazing couples I get to work with! Josh + Steph are so chill and so in love, I could not be more thrilled to be their photographer and be part of their special day next summer!! So so pumped to share these photos with you all today…there are some SERIOUS stunners in here…:)2014-08-12_00012014-08-12_00022014-08-12_00032014-08-12_00042014-08-12_00052014-08-12_00062014-08-12_00072014-08-12_00082014-08-12_00092014-08-12_00102014-08-12_00112014-08-12_00122014-08-12_00132014-08-12_00142014-08-12_00152014-08-12_00162014-08-12_00172014-08-12_00182014-08-12_00192014-08-12_00202014-08-12_00212014-08-12_00222014-08-12_00232014-08-12_00242014-08-12_00252014-08-12_00262014-08-12_00282014-08-12_00332014-08-12_00352014-08-12_00362014-08-12_00372014-08-12_00382014-08-12_00392014-08-12_00402014-08-12_00412014-08-12_00422014-08-12_00442014-08-12_0043