Andrea + Brady | Engaged

Well, well, well….another INCREDIBLE couple on the blog today. This summer season is full of being part of friends engagements and weddings and I am so SO happy Brady and Andrea are part of that list. Brady has been a close friend of mine since college and he met his sweet gal Andrea a couple of years ago through our friend Emily. Needless to say, when they asked me to be their photographer, I was absolutely thrilled and am so looking forward to being part of their beautiful day this September! Now, rewind to a few Fridays ago when we decided to venture out to the west suburbs to take their engagement photos. It was so fun to separate ourselves from our normal hang-outs with friends and have the opportunity to capture them together and translate their love for one another into photos. Brades loves his motorcycle and they love going on rides together, so naturally we wanted to incorporate his bike in the photos….and after lots of laughs and a few splashes in the water, I think I THINK we got some good ones :) So happy to share this couple with you all today! Enjoy!

Erika + Lauti | 5.25.14

I feel like I’ve been waiting to share this blog post since the moment I stepped into Erika’s home the morning of May 25th. Once again, I gratefully found myself capturing the day of a beautiful couple with an incredible story. Erika and Lauti met while she was studying abroad in Argentina five years ago, and the rest is history. Sort of. The two traveled back and forth and maintained their relationship long distance for years until they realized they just needed to be in the same place, together. The anticipation to May 25th was undeniable, and their love for one another is one that I truly can’t put into words. It was a beautiful ceremony at The Woods Chapel (did I mention THEY served communion to THEIR guests?!) and a great reception at The Lafayette in Minnetonka. Thank you Erika and Lauti for letting me in on such a special day! It was an honor to be with you both and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share these photos with you today! 2014-06-18_00312014-06-18_00272014-06-18_00242014-06-18_00262014-06-18_00252014-06-18_00322014-06-18_00292014-06-18_00222014-06-18_00092014-06-18_00342014-06-18_00332014-06-18_0035

Lexi + Ben | Engaged

Tis the season for weddings and engagement sessions!! Aaaaand I love it. A few Saturdays back, I had the extreme privilege of spending the morning with Lexi and Ben in downtown St. Paul at one of her favorite spots, Union Depot. We had a blast exploring the neighborhood and ended our time with quite a bang :) Lexi and I technically go way back as it turns out our dad’s are close friends and I went to college with her sisters…such a great family and I so look forward to the wedding day to capture them all together! I couldn’t be more happy that our time together isn’t over, and that many many MANY more beautiful moments are to come!!

Steve + Kellee | 5.24.14

It is safe to say that Steve and Kellee could not have gotten a more perfect day! They were the first wedding to my first double header wedding weekend this summer and it was awesome. Steve and I are good friends from college and he met his gal when he moved out to Bozeman, MT a couple of years ago. It was so fun to be able to photograph them together, with their families, and all of our friends up in Milaca at St. Croix Valley Barn and Vineyard. It was one big ‘ol reunion and it was a blast! My good and extremely talented friend Nate Larson also attended the wedding and brought along his camera, and I’m happy to have some of his stunner shots included in the bunch! Without further ado…congratulations again Steve and Kellee! Such a great day to celebrate you two. Enjoy your photos!!2014-06-18_00932014-06-18_00912014-06-18_00922014-06-18_00942014-06-18_00962014-06-18_01792014-06-18_00952014-06-18_00972014-06-18_00982014-06-18_01802014-06-18_00992014-06-18_01002014-06-18_01012014-06-18_01022014-06-18_01032014-06-18_01042014-06-18_01052014-06-18_01062014-06-18_01072014-06-18_01082014-06-18_01092014-06-18_01812014-06-18_01112014-06-18_01122014-06-18_01132014-06-18_01142014-06-18_01152014-06-18_01162014-06-18_01172014-06-18_01192014-06-18_01202014-06-18_01212014-06-18_01242014-06-18_01252014-06-18_01262014-06-18_01272014-06-18_01282014-06-18_01292014-06-18_01302014-06-18_01312014-06-18_01322014-06-18_01332014-06-18_01572014-06-18_01432014-06-18_01462014-06-18_01472014-06-18_01492014-06-18_01502014-06-18_01512014-06-18_01552014-06-18_01522014-06-18_01532014-06-18_01352014-06-18_01362014-06-18_01372014-06-18_01422014-06-18_01382014-06-18_01392014-06-18_01402014-06-18_01662014-06-18_01672014-06-18_01682014-06-18_01692014-06-18_01702014-06-18_01782014-06-18_01712014-06-18_01722014-06-18_01742014-06-18_01732014-06-18_01772014-06-18_01752014-06-18_01602014-06-18_01612014-06-18_01622014-06-18_01582014-06-18_0165

Angie + Scott | 3.29.14

You know you live in Minnesota when it’s one of the first 45-50 degree days and your bride is happy to be outside without a coat on!! My 2014 wedding season could not have started any better than with Angie and Scott. They planned a beautiful intimate wedding with 50 of their closest family and friends at the lovely W.A. Frost in St. Paul. It was an incredible day, and all the details came together wonderfully. It was such a privilege to be part of someone’s day who I’ve known for years…it makes my job that much more amazing and enjoyable and I couldn’t be more thankful! Congrats again Ang and Scott! Such wonderful day celebrating with you!

Berube Lifestyle

Soooo before wedding and engagement season kicks into serious gear the next few weeks, I thought it would be fun to post a recent lifestyle session with the Berube family! Miss Brynn turned One and her mom thought it would be fun to capture her doing her thang. I of course, couldn’t have agreed more, and we spent the afternoon following her around the living room and kitchen as she explored everything from her headbands to trying her first cupcake! It was so fun to celebrate her at her first year, and capture the family at such a fun time in Brynn’s life!! Thank you Suzanne and Jade for letting me be part of your Friday afternoon, and to take photos of your little sweetie!

Val + Travis | Salvage One Engagement

In the last year, Chicago has essentially become my second home. My sister and her family live in Lakeview, and every since she was pregnant with their ALMOST THREE MONTH OLD (what?!) I’ve been making it down there pretty frequently. As a side note, I again could not be more thankful for this time and this job of mine, to be able to spend time traveling down there to spend time with them as their family grows…so great! Now…ANOTHER benefit to traveling down there and this business expanding is meeting clients and being able to work a little bit down there too! Val was in a wedding I shot last summer, and we got to know each other a bit chatting throughout the day, and I was so thrilled she contacted me when her and Travis got engaged! She is from Minneapolis (where the wedding will be) but her and her fiancé live in Oak Park, IL so we thought it would be fun to take photos in the city they live! Salvage One is an absolutely amazing location, and didn’t disappoint one bit! With 60,000 square feet, you could be there for hours shooting with all the amazing design and recycled architecture, furniture, artwork, etc…it’s quite amazing! We had a blast working our way around and I couldn’t be more happy with the results! So much fun, and I can’t wait for their wedding back in Minneapolis this coming June!

Angie + Scott | Engaged

As you’ve probably heard me say over and over again, one of my absolute favorite parts of my job is photographing people who I love and know well, and I am so happy to share Angie and her fiancé Scott with you today. Ang and I go way back to when I was beginning highschool…she was my small group leader at church and needless to say played a significant role in my life for several important years! She introduced me to Bethel, and always encouraged me in wherever I was in life…and still does to this day! I can’t say how thankful I am that we have kept in touch over the years and now I get to be part of such a significant time in HER life as she gets married!! We got a beautiful day to take photos and I cannot wait to kickstart my wedding season at the end of this month with their big day in St. Paul!!

Laurel + Jared | Engaged

Continuing with the strong kick of winter engagement sessions, Laurel and Jared are another fabulous couple to add to the list!! I met the two in Owatonna on what may have been one of the colder days this winter (a high of 5 maybe?!) but they were absolute troopers and we had a blast! We made our first stop downtown, and then headed out to the country to his parents land, where they are building a new home and until it’s finished are living in the cutest log cabin. We made the most of the cold and built a fire, roasted some mallows and tried to get as cozy as possible with a few blankets!! Thank you so much for spending a couple of hours with me Laurel and Jared! It was so fun to get to know you guys in your natural space and I seriously can’t wait until your wedding this August!!! Now cozy up, and enjoy these wonderful photos!!