Ashley + Andy | Engaged

I met Ashley a few months ago at my first wedding of the season for my friend Angie. Ashley was Angie’s hairdresser, and she did an AMAZING job, which you can see more of here!! (PS: You can also see more about Ashley’s own salon work here) She was such a fun and enthusiastic person to have around in the morning, and I was SO excited when she called looking to have her engagement photos done this fall! Her and Andy were absolute champs, because though you can’t tell, we were lucky enough to have one of the coldest days in October, but needless to say they kept each other warm and we had a great time!! So excited to share these photos with you all, and so SO glad to have been able to capture this beautiful couple!! 2014-11-11_00022014-11-11_00012014-11-11_00042014-11-11_00032014-11-11_00062014-11-11_00052014-11-11_00102014-11-11_00092014-11-11_00122014-11-11_00112014-11-11_00132014-11-11_00142014-11-11_00162014-11-11_00152014-11-11_00172014-11-11_00182014-11-11_00202014-11-11_00212014-11-11_00222014-11-11_00232014-11-11_00242014-11-11_00262014-11-11_00252014-11-11_00272014-11-11_00292014-11-11_00302014-11-11_00322014-11-11_00342014-11-11_00332014-11-11_00352014-11-11_00362014-11-11_00372014-11-11_00382014-11-11_00392014-11-11_00402014-11-11_00412014-11-11_00432014-11-11_00422014-11-11_00462014-11-11_00442014-11-11_0045

Lauren + Michael | Engaged

Now, Lauren just might be my first bride who I’ve known the longest and go waaaaay back. I think maybe all the way to kindergarten?! We were neighbors when we were really little, my sister was her and her brother’s babysitter and we went through a majority of our schooling together…along with knowing both of her wonderful parents throughout the years!! Phew! So, needless to say, I was thrilled when she emailed me and said her and Michael were looking for a wedding photographer!! It was so fun to grab coffee with them, get to know them as a couple and of course…plan out the engagement session. If you follow along on the blog, and have learned anything about me in the last week, you’ll know I love fall engagement sessions, and was so excited when they said they wanted to make sure to get their fall color fix in their session! And gosh, we sure did. We ventured around the Loring Greenway and ended up venturing over the beautiful Walker and sculpture gardens…I am over the moon with their photos, and most of all love seeing their love and laughter come through in such beautiful ways! I can’t wait to be part of their day next August!! 2014-11-10_00012014-11-10_00022014-11-10_00032014-11-10_00042014-11-10_00052014-11-10_00062014-11-10_00072014-11-10_00352014-11-10_00092014-11-10_00102014-11-10_00112014-11-10_00122014-11-10_00132014-11-10_00142014-11-10_00372014-11-10_00162014-11-10_00172014-11-10_00182014-11-10_00192014-11-10_00212014-11-10_00222014-11-10_00232014-11-10_00242014-11-10_00262014-11-10_00252014-11-10_00302014-11-10_0031

Claire + Nate | Engaged

Oh my goodness, where to begin with Claire and Nate, I don’t even know!! These two are the most joyful and lovely people you have ever met, and their love for each other was literally bursting through EVERY PHOTO. We started our morning off at Spyhouse to actually meet one another and chat a bit before beginning our session. They shared their story, and they opened up their hearts and gosh, I feel like we go way back already! We then ventured to one of my favorite parks, and is seriously in my top two after this session because the colors there in the fall were truly some of the most beautiful I’ve seen all year. Minnesota did good this fall, yes?! I think we spent about 3 hours at the park, chatting, snapping photos and having a blast. I couldn’t be more thrilled to share all the beautiful moments we caught that morning with you all, and I REALLY can’t wait to be part of their wedding next summer!! 2014-11-05_00372014-11-05_00382014-11-05_00422014-11-05_00392014-11-05_00402014-11-05_00412014-11-05_00432014-11-05_00442014-11-05_00482014-11-05_00502014-11-05_00512014-11-05_00522014-11-05_00572014-11-05_00532014-11-05_00562014-11-05_00542014-11-05_00582014-11-05_00592014-11-05_00602014-11-05_00612014-11-05_00622014-11-05_00632014-11-05_00642014-11-05_00652014-11-05_00662014-11-05_00672014-11-05_00692014-11-05_00682014-11-05_00722014-11-05_00702014-11-05_00742014-11-05_00712014-11-05_00732014-11-05_00752014-11-05_00762014-11-05_00772014-11-05_0078

Lauren + Nate | Engaged

Another beautiful couple, another beautiful fall day! Lauren and Nate were awesome and once again, couldn’t have asked for a more perfect session. Lake Harriet (if you haven’t been able to tell) was my favorite spot this fall, and every tree and every angle gave such beautiful variety that you can barely tell where we are! I love engagement sessions for the sole purpose of having a more relaxed time with the couple before their big day to hang and not worry about the schedule of the day. And it’s safe to say, our Saturday night session was beautifully simple and so relaxed, it was the best! SO pumped to be part of Lauren and Nate’s day, and am even more pumped to share their beautiful photos with y’all today!!2014-11-05_00152014-11-05_00162014-11-05_00172014-11-05_00182014-11-05_00192014-11-05_00202014-11-05_00232014-11-05_00222014-11-05_00252014-11-05_00262014-11-05_00242014-11-05_00272014-11-05_00282014-11-05_00292014-11-05_00302014-11-05_00312014-11-05_00322014-11-05_00332014-11-05_00342014-11-05_00362014-11-05_00122014-11-05_00112014-11-05_00102014-11-05_00012014-11-05_00052014-11-05_00092014-11-05_00062014-11-05_00022014-11-05_00082014-11-05_00132014-11-05_00142014-11-05_0003

Emily + Jeremy | Engaged

One of my favorite things about what I do is connecting with couples, and their families. Emily is the sister to one of my beautiful brides from the summer, Laurel…and I couldn’t be more excited to be working with this family again! Emily and Jeremy brought along their baby girl Josie (and in this instance, baby girl means pup) and she was the most well behaved rescue dog I’ve ever met! Not to mention gorgeous…which is why you will see her in so many photos :) I’m not sure if any of you made it to Lake Harriet this fall, but it was glowing, and I’m pretty sure Emily, Jeremy and myself made it there at the perfect time. The colors (and Emily and Jeremy) in the photos below are stunning so without further ado…I present this sweet sweet couple!! 2014-11-04_00052014-11-04_00012014-11-04_00022014-11-04_00032014-11-04_00042014-11-04_00062014-11-04_00072014-11-04_00102014-11-04_00092014-11-04_00112014-11-04_00122014-11-04_00142014-11-04_00162014-11-04_00152014-11-04_00192014-11-04_00172014-11-04_00132014-11-04_00182014-11-04_00212014-11-04_00222014-11-04_00232014-11-04_00252014-11-04_00242014-11-04_00272014-11-04_00282014-11-04_00292014-11-04_00262014-11-04_00312014-11-04_00332014-11-04_00352014-11-04_0034

Alyssa + Tyler | Engaged

There are almost no words for how amazing Minnesota’s fall was…am I right?! October was JAM PACKED with amazingly beautiful sessions, and I couldn’t get enough of each couple and location that sessions were held. October began with this engagement session with the lovely Alyssa and Tyler, and our time together was just perfect. It was so pleasant walking around Taylor’s falls, exploring the grounds and experiencing just how beautiful the season was. These two made my job effortless, as they could barely take their eyes off of each other and we had a such a great time together…kind of my favorite :) I am so excited to be part of their day next fall up north and am thrilled to share this lovely pair with you all today! 2014-11-03_00042014-11-03_00012014-11-03_00022014-11-03_00032014-11-03_00052014-11-03_00062014-11-03_00092014-11-03_00102014-11-03_00082014-11-03_00112014-11-03_00132014-11-03_00122014-11-03_00142014-11-03_00182014-11-03_00162014-11-03_00202014-11-03_00192014-11-03_00232014-11-03_00212014-11-03_00252014-11-03_00222014-11-03_00272014-11-03_00262014-11-03_00282014-11-03_00322014-11-03_00302014-11-03_00332014-11-03_00362014-11-03_00352014-11-03_00342014-11-03_00412014-11-03_0042

Kelsey + Corey | Engaged

As all of us have been trapped indoors this week due to terrible rain, I thought it only appropriate to post an engagement session from this thing we called “summer.” Kelsey and Corey were a blast to hang out with for a bit at one of my favorite parks up in my neighborhood. Seriously, I can’t get enough of it, so I was thrilled when they were up for it! Kelsey is just in the processing of applying to med school and Corey is just finishing his degree in sports management, PLUS planning a wedding, and these two have a pretty crazy life going on between the two of them! I’m SO excited to be part of their day next May down in Rochester, and am thrilled for them and this crazy adventure they are about to dive into! 2014-10-01_00012014-10-01_00022014-10-01_00032014-10-01_00042014-10-01_00052014-10-01_00062014-10-01_00072014-10-01_00092014-10-01_00102014-10-01_00112014-10-01_00122014-10-01_00142014-10-01_00162014-10-01_00152014-10-01_00172014-10-01_00182014-10-01_00192014-10-01_00202014-10-01_00212014-10-01_00222014-10-01_00232014-10-01_00252014-10-01_00262014-10-01_0024

Lexi + Ben | Engaged

Tis the season for weddings and engagement sessions!! Aaaaand I love it. A few Saturdays back, I had the extreme privilege of spending the morning with Lexi and Ben in downtown St. Paul at one of her favorite spots, Union Depot. We had a blast exploring the neighborhood and ended our time with quite a bang :) Lexi and I technically go way back as it turns out our dad’s are close friends and I went to college with her sisters…such a great family and I so look forward to the wedding day to capture them all together! I couldn’t be more happy that our time together isn’t over, and that many many MANY more beautiful moments are to come!!

Laurel + Jared | Engaged

Continuing with the strong kick of winter engagement sessions, Laurel and Jared are another fabulous couple to add to the list!! I met the two in Owatonna on what may have been one of the colder days this winter (a high of 5 maybe?!) but they were absolute troopers and we had a blast! We made our first stop downtown, and then headed out to the country to his parents land, where they are building a new home and until it’s finished are living in the cutest log cabin. We made the most of the cold and built a fire, roasted some mallows and tried to get as cozy as possible with a few blankets!! Thank you so much for spending a couple of hours with me Laurel and Jared! It was so fun to get to know you guys in your natural space and I seriously can’t wait until your wedding this August!!! Now cozy up, and enjoy these wonderful photos!!

Katie + Nate | Engagement

What you folks are about to see…is pure joy, laughter and crazy love. I met Katie through my best friends in college and since then, any time spent with her is consistently full of good convo and belly laughs. Who knew that it would only get crazier when Nate came along?! They are such a blast to spend a couple of hours with, and are truly some of the most goofy and genuinely kind people you will ever encounter. Our time spent taking photos flew, and they were absolute troopers in the knee deep snow! With no surprise you’ll catch a few laughs in the photos and most of all witness how crazy they are about one another!! I couldn’t be more thrilled to share these beautiful photos of my great friends today…and for real…do winter engagement sessions GET any better?! Cheers!2014-02-11_00022014-02-11_00032014-02-11_00272014-02-11_00042014-02-11_00062014-02-11_00072014-02-11_00082014-02-11_00092014-02-11_00102014-02-11_00292014-02-11_00112014-02-11_00322014-02-11_00122014-02-11_00142014-02-11_00162014-02-11_00152014-02-11_00172014-02-11_00182014-02-11_00192014-02-11_00202014-02-11_00282014-02-11_00212014-02-11_00222014-02-11_00232014-02-11_00242014-02-11_00252014-02-11_00262014-02-11_00312014-02-11_00352014-02-11_00342014-02-11_00372014-02-11_00382014-02-11_00422014-02-11_00402014-02-11_00392014-02-11_00412014-02-11_00442014-02-11_00432014-02-11_00452014-02-11_00482014-02-11_00502014-02-11_00512014-02-11_00522014-02-11_0053