Woven & Wed Launch

One thing I’m learning this year is how amazing and important it is to be part of the creative community and how great it is to uplift and work with others in this industry. Britt and I have been teaming up the last couple of months for styled shoots which you might have seen here and here, and it has been so much fun!! But what is even more exciting is that she just launched her new website/wedding and event planning company Woven and Wed!! Seriously…this girl has got incredible style, passion and love for making every couples wedding day a beautiful experience and I am so excited to see where she goes with this business! Take a few minutes and browse her stunning site designed by With Grace & Gold and get in touch with her for your upcoming wedding! She is the best and you will absolutely love working with her!

The Herr Family

When it comes to 7-month-olds, they don’t come much cuter than Mason…and I’m so happy to have been able to capture this dapper little fellow this last weekend! Katie and Jamie invited me into their home, and it was such a treat to be able to photograph their family together in their first home. It’s an incredible honor to be the person documenting such important people and places, so that in years to come, Mason will always have an idea of where it was that he first lived, started crawling and soon-to-be walking!! Thank you thank you for giving me the privilege of being part of these moments and for being able to tangibly give you something to hold onto for years to come!! Happy 7 months, Mason! You’re such a stud!!

Carly + Drew | Engaged

So there we were. Fifteen of my best friends up in Lutsen for the weekend, so basically life couldn’t get any better…unless you were Drew and Carly, and Drew proposed to you on the top of Eagle Mountain…what?! Yup. It happened and it was amazing! Such a sweet celebration to be up there with them, and of course, we had to snap just a few for them before we came back down to the cities! So so happy for these two, and couldn’t be more excited as they begin this new journey in life together!!

Helen + Mitch | Engaged

With our current cold temperatures and accumulating snow…it makes sense to get outside and take some photos, right?! Helen and Mitch were absolute troopers last week when we ventured around Theodore Wirth Park for their engagement session, and we had a blast! These two are so laid back, so sweet, and they have a love for their pup Harvey who jumped in a few photos with us towards the end of our time together. I’m so glad to have met this sweet couple, and am so looking forward to capturing their love this upcoming October!!2015-03-03_00262015-03-03_00282015-03-03_00502015-03-03_00272015-03-03_00292015-03-03_00302015-03-03_00312015-03-03_00322015-03-03_00332015-03-03_00342015-03-03_00352015-03-03_00362015-03-03_00372015-03-03_00392015-03-03_00402015-03-03_00412015-03-03_00422015-03-03_00432015-03-03_00442015-03-03_00452015-03-03_00462015-03-03_0047

Jensen Maternity Session

Well you can just go ahead and add this session to the top of the list of photos that are very near and dear to my heart. If you haven’t heard me talk about my extended family enough (besides the fact that they’re amazing), Joe is one of my close cousins from my mom’s side…she was the oldest of 8, so you can imagine numbers are through the roof. Reaching an all-time high this year, there are 21 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren, and Joe and Molly are about to bring another little babe into the fam!! I love these two, and their love for each other and the joy they’ve experienced in preparing for their first baby! They are full of life, and I am confident the little sweetie they’re about to bring into the world will be just the same. I couldn’t be more happy than to have been able to capture this time for them before they are officially a family of three, and can’t wait to meet Baby Jensen!! 2015-02-17_00012015-02-17_00022015-02-17_00042015-02-17_00032015-02-17_00052015-02-17_00082015-02-17_00062015-02-17_00072015-02-17_00092015-02-17_00112015-02-17_00142015-02-17_00152015-02-17_00172015-02-17_00192015-02-17_00202015-02-17_00212015-02-17_00162015-02-17_00222015-02-17_00232015-02-17_00242015-02-17_00252015-02-17_00262015-02-17_00182015-02-17_00272015-02-17_00132015-02-17_00122015-02-17_0013


Alright people, my new favorite thing is styled shoots…especially with creative and inspiring friends like Britt!! She came downtown last week to visit Restore Collaborative (the studio space I’m part of) and told me her idea to have a simple but fun Valentine’s Day shoot. I was of COURSE all in, as she is a genius (and the mastermind behind our last styled shoot Flannel, Fig & Fur!), and I knew it would be fun to shoot in this beautiful space. We brainstormed a few ideas, and goodness…it just came together perfectly. Of course, how couldn’t it when DONUTS are involved?! Seriously, so pumped about these images…the simplicity in the details, Britt being a total babe, and of course the sweet little reminders of the season of loooove…2015-02-11_00022015-02-11_00012015-02-11_00042015-02-11_00032015-02-11_00052015-02-11_00062015-02-11_00102015-02-11_00112015-02-11_00232015-02-11_00182015-02-11_00122015-02-11_00142015-02-11_00132015-02-11_00152015-02-11_00162015-02-11_00222015-02-11_00192015-02-11_0009

Boche Family Lifestyle

Though winter is the quiet season, I love it for so many reasons…including the ability to schedule sessions for BRAND NEW BABIES! Little Ada was born 2 weeks prior to taking our photos and she was just perfect. She barely let out a peep and she was so content being in her mom and dad’s arms. My favorite thing about capturing a family’s first baby is getting all the new moments between the family together. It’s amazing how everything feels so normal and natural once the baby is here and I love seeing the love from the parents to their newborn with sweet kisses and snuggles…Laura and Dan are amazing parents already and love their precious Ada so much already!2015-02-05_00012015-02-05_00022015-02-05_00042015-02-05_00032015-02-05_00172015-02-05_00062015-02-05_00082015-02-05_00072015-02-05_00102015-02-05_00092015-02-05_00112015-02-05_00122015-02-05_00132015-02-05_00142015-02-05_00152015-02-05_0016

Jaci + Pete | Engaged

Aaaaaand winter engagement sessions are officially back in action!! Jaci and Pete were an absolute blast, and we couldn’t have had a more perfectly beautiful day. I get even more excited about sessions when I know the couple is excited about the session, and when I knew that Jaci loved the beauty of winter, I knew we had something good coming our way. Winter sessions are a rare thing here in good ‘ol Minnesota, but I am SO happy they were up for wandering around this beautiful tree farm! I am so looking forward to their wedding next November, and if it’s anything like the hour we spent together last weekend, it will be beyond beautiful and I can’t wait!! 2015-02-03_00022015-02-03_00032015-02-03_00042015-02-03_00052015-02-03_00072015-02-03_00082015-02-03_00092015-02-03_00102015-02-03_00112015-02-03_00122015-02-03_00142015-02-03_00132015-02-03_00162015-02-03_00172015-02-03_00182015-02-03_00212015-02-03_00192015-02-03_00222015-02-03_00232015-02-03_00242015-02-03_0025

Minnesota Bride Feature

Oh my my my!! It is with SO much excitement that I am able to share my very first TWO publications with you all!! This fall was extremely busy with weddings and engagements, and was topped off with the exciting news that I would have not only one but TWO (extremely beautiful) weddings featured in the Minnesota Bride Spring/Summer 2015 issue!! My heart skipped a thousand beats, as it was one of my goals last year to get a wedding into the mag. My mind was blown and I was almost in disbelief…one of those “I’ll have to see it to believe it,” kind of things. Well, the magazine is out people and it’s BEAUTIFUL! It is an INCREDIBLE honor to be featured in this great state’s top bridal magazine with amazingly talented vendors and photographers who I admire and look up to very much. It wouldn’t be without the encouragement and love from my clients and community that I would be where I am in this journey today, so it’s all because of you wonderful people that I get to celebrate this today!! So grateful and such an encouraging way to kick-off 2015!! Oh and who might be the lovely couples you ask?? You will find Hannah + Stephen in the Newlyweds section and Stacy + Jay on the very last Bon Voyage page!! Woop woop!! Here’s to another amazing year!! Now head to a Barnes & Noble to pick up one of these pretty little things, and see the countless beautiful couples and stories featured! 2015-01-28_00012015-01-28_00032015-01-28_00022015-01-28_00062015-01-28_00052015-01-28_0007

Mollie + Steve | Engaged

2015 has officially begun, and I couldn’t have asked for a sweet session to kick it off with! Steve and Mollie met me in Taylor’s Falls this past weekend, as it’s one of Steve’s favorite spots to go fishing and it was….beautiful. Steve and I met our freshman year, and it’s crazy to think that we’ve known each other for almost 10 YEARS, and now he’s up and getting married to the sweetest gal. These two are totally in love, and you can tell by the way he’s looking at Mollie in all the photos he’s just nuts about her and I love it!! So excited for these two, and honored to have been able to capture them together as they start their new journey together!!