Tommy + Minako | 9.8.12

I’d like to start this off the right way and say that this post is totally and 100% dedicated to and posted for my family, the Andersons! Tommy is my older cousin, who met his beautiful bride while attending St. John’s, and they’ve been together ever since. They currently live over in Chiba, Japan, but came home to celebrate their marriage with our family and close friends on an absolutely perfect September day. To give you an idea of what the day looked like in terms of celebrating, my mom was the oldest of 8, there are 21 nieces and nephews, and 4 great-grandchildren. Needless to say, any gathering is a good time, so Tommy and Minako’s wedding was an absolute celebration! I was a little lost that day, going back and forth of being part of the day, as well as photographing it, but I am in love with the images as they are chalk-full of those I love most and have experienced life’s greatest and hardest moments with. The wedding took place in Plymouth, and the reception was in my Uncle Tom’s backyard, a total dream for those of us who grew up watching Father of the Bride (aka me). To say that being with my family is always the best is an understatement, but I truly love being with them and seeing how all the aunts and uncles (nieces, nephews, etc.) pour themselves into each other and their big life moments. September 8th was that for Tommy, so I hope you enjoy this post knowing a liiitttle bit more about the people in the pictures than usual! What can I say, they’re my people?! Congrats Tommy and Minako!

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