It’s Here

This is a long-awaited post, that I have been anticipating for a couple of months now, and am THRILLED to FINALLY be able to share with you! A couple of months ago, I met with Jodi Tupy, an extremely talented Graphic Designer and friend of one of my roommates, who connected us for this project. You wouldn’t imagine the list I am continually adding ideas and “must-do’s” to for my business, and something that was on the top for months and months was creating my brand. My brand. Such a strange concept to wrap my head around, that this is my business, and creating a logo and a feel as to how I want to be represented is such an overwhelming thing to do! So, I partnered up with Jodi!

Below, you will see how gifted she is, and I could not be more thrilled with the concept and brand she put together! I so appreciate all of her creativity, time and talent she invested in this project, and I am SO EXCITED to share it with you and my clients! Please do yourself a favor and check out Jodi’s website, she was a joy to work with, and I am incredibly thankful for her role in helping me start my business!

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